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Personal Property Appraisal for Divorce

Divorce is difficult enough without trying to inventory everything in your home with current values of each item. That is why Ruftop is here. You will find compassion and care that is unmatched by our competition.

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When working with a 3rd party Professional compliance appraiser, you will receive an inventory report of all your items with the current value. Having no stake in the outcome of the divorce, our unbiased valuation service offers the Fair Market Value (FMV) of all your assets so the judge can divide your personal property fairly.

Ruftop is a compliance appraisal professional, who has conducted Estate Sales on a regular basis and has decades of experience clearing out entire homes. We are certain that our valuation services can cover your personal property and if not, we have a network of professionals to help liquidate those unique items.

Yes, we do work with Lawyers with an unbiased opinion, to help the process of an appraisals and liquidation of assets division of estate.

Yes, we do work the Realtor to help provide a smooth transaction in getting the personal property liquidated so that estate can be processes in a timely manner.