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Estate Sale Management

“Place your hands in ours, and we will remove the stress and overwhelming feelings, so you can have peace of mind”.
Lisa Ruffe (owner of Ruftop Estate Sales)

The process of selling a loved one’s estate or liquidating part of your own estate is difficult, and it’s not always clear what you need to do to get started. That’s where we come in to help. Whether you need personal property appraisal services, need to sell your items privately, or you need help putting together an entire estate sale that’s open to the public; we’re here to help. We know that this time can be difficult and confusing, so we always put your needs first.

-what's in your attic?-

Full Service Estate Sale Company

Liquidating your estate or a loved one’s estate can be adifficult, emotional, and stressful task. We at Ruftop Estate Sales provide you with an Professional compliance appraiser and estate liquidation company with who will be official and timely.

Manage & Conduct Estate Sale

Research, Organize & Advertise All Items

Arrange for consignment & donation pick-up for remaining items

Dispose of items that are not sellable

Professional Estate Sale Service

We are official, accredited and timely while giving you the patience to take the time you need.

Marketing your personalized Estate Sale

We market your estate sale through social media, on our website and online through community groups.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

We have knowledge of the Fair Market Value for antiques as well as today's trends!

Caring Estate Sale Managers

We offer comfort, care, laughs, peace of mind and patience throughout the entire process of your estate sale.

Estate Sale Company Who Puts You First!

At Ruftop Estate Sales, we take great pride in combining professionalism and efficiency with a caring and thoughtful attitude. We know that, often, if you need an estate sale, it’s because of a change in your life situation – such as needing to downsize your home and purchase a more affordable house, a recent divorce or spousal separation, or a death in the family.
That’s what makes us different. Our founder, Lisa Ruffe, cares about you much more than just selling your items as quickly as possible. We take the time to truly learn about you and your life and recommend the best options for appraising and selling your items.

Why work with Ruftop Estate Sales?

Wondering why you should choose Ruftop Estate Sales for appraisal service and estate sales? Not sure if we’re the right option for you? Here are a few reasons that might make you change your mind, and choose Ruftop Estate Sales.

Our mission is simple – to help you through every step of the sales and appraisal process.

We use Facebook and Instagram, we kick off with a Live feed as soon as we start the setup process, and we start posting pictures of unique items.

We have many resources to find fair market value for your items. This could be done through auction sites, researching the item through the internet or reaching back to people who are subject matter experts in the field that is needed!

Ruftop Estate Sales LLC network that can reach out to over 250-mile radius and has built relationships with others that will help with this process of liquidating your business to meet your time frame.

An estate sale can provide help with Estate Division, and State Inheritance. Additionally, hiring an estate sale company like Ruftop can help assist you through an overwhelming time after the loss of a loved one and you are left to liquidate the personal property of the estate inherited.

Using Ruftop’s Estate Sale & Appraisal Services can help you identify the value of your personal property throughout your home(s) and provide you with an appraisal report based on market value. We will help you get the best FMV for your personal property.

An estate sale company like Ruftop can help assist you through an overwhelming time after the loss of a loved one and you need to liquidate the personal property of the estate. We manage your estate sale from appraisal of items, organization, advertising, selling, disposal & consignment while offering compassion and professional courtesy.

An appraisal report prepared by Ruftop can be used for personal property donation to a charity and for the IRS.

The report provides a descriptive identification of your inherited personal property assets for Estate Liquidation and Estate Division and will provide market value for household items if needed for insurance replacement.

    • Manage & Conduct the Estate Sale
    • Knowledge of the fair market value for antiques, as well as today’s trends.
    • Research, Organize and Advertise All Items 
    • Marketing of the Estate Sale through social media and online website
    • Arrange for consignment & donation pick-up for remaining items
    • Comfort, Care, and Peace of mind throughout the process of your Estate Sale
    • Dispose of items that are not sell-able
    • Professional Service…official and timely.