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about ruftop estate sales & Appraisal

At Ruftop Estate Sales, we take great pride in combining professionalism and efficiency with a caring and thoughtful attitude. We know that, often, if you need an estate sale, it’s because of a change in your life situation – such as needing to downsize your home and purchase a more affordable house, a recent divorce or spousal separation, or a death in the family. That is why we are here. To take the keys and drive for you while you take care of your family!

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“Place your hands in ours, and we will remove the stress and overwhelming feelings, so you can have peace of mind”.
Lisa Ruffe (owner of Ruftop Estate Sales)

Our founder, Lisa Ruffe, cares about much more than just selling your items as quickly as possible. We take the time to truly learn about you and your life and recommend the best options for appraising and selling your items. Woman owned and operated since 1995!

Meet Our Owner

Lisa Ruffe is an Professional compliance appraiser from American Society of Appraisers and the International Society of Appraisers.


Specialties: Pottery, 60’s-80’s memorabilia, Space Memorabilia, Vintage Kitchen items, Vintage Agriculture equipment, Vintage Florist items, Horticultural equipment, and antique furniture from the 1800’s.


Lisa grew up in a small-town in New York called Nyack, which is known as Nyack on the Hudson River. Her passion for antiques started at a young age. She would browse the local antique shops in her town and during the summer months she would go to the street fairs in Nyack. She learned about uniqueness, value, and listened to the stories from the vendors, who were selling their unique finds.


To this day, Lisa’s enthusiasm for antiques, and specialties items never faltered.

Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County is our primary service area, as we are headquartered in Florida. We are licensed and insured and offer services in dozens of areas around Brevard County, including Port Saint John, Cocoa, and Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Melbourne Beach, and Melbourne, and Viera, just to name a few. Contact us to find out if we can help with professional personal property appraisal services in Florida.

Rockland County, New York

In addition to Florida, we offer services in New York, in areas of Rockland County such as New City, Congers, Nyack, Valley Cottage, and many others. You can trust us to deliver timely services in all of Rockland County, as well as the surrounding areas.

Useful Information when it comes to Estate Sales & Personal Property Appraisal

We’ll never pressure you to sell an item that’s precious to you, or rush you through the process of selling your estate, or that of a loved one. We believe in helping you sell your items on your own terms – and, in this regard, we’re much different than other estate sale and personal property appraisal services providers in the area.
We’ve been in business for decades – and throughout this time, we’ve always prided ourselves on doing things differently, providing excellent service at affordable rates – and never losing sight of the needs of our customers, who are often going through major life changes, and require a caring, comforting touch.

If you are unsure how much to offer for a business acquisition, let a professional compliance appraiser determine the Fair Market Value of each item on the inventory list for the business you plan to buy. At Ruftop our resources and network of professionals will provide you with the most current and fair value even for rare and proprietary items

Ruftop Estate Sales LLC has been conducting estate sales since 1997. We will Travel through out Brevard County and if you are a snowbird and needs an estate sale in New York, we also provide you with our services in the New York area.

Yes we can, Ruftop Estate Sales LLC can help you identify, provide FMV, an appraiser report based on your intent, i.e. replacement cost, insurance coverage, and resale

Yes we can, Ruftop Estate Sales LLC can help you through this difficult, emotional and stressful time, but provide you the ease of handling it from start to finish. There is no need for you to be onsite, or handle any of the left-over items. We are a complete service that handles it all.

Yes, Ruftop Estate Sales LLC will help you through this process by providing an appraisal and  liquidating all personal property. 

Years Experience with Estate Sales & Personal Property Appraisals
-what's in your attic?-