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Business Appraisal Service

Professional compliance appraiser, decades of experience.

If your business needs a professional service to value the tangible and non-tangible items that belong to your company, Ruftop can help. In our decades of experience we have valued joint application development of software, business gifts, furniture, electronics, restaurant equipment, patents and copyrights.

Some businesses own antiques and art that are on display throughout the building. At Ruftop our Professional compliance appraiser has experience in valuing antiques, rare items and more. Not only do we value business items, we help those in need of full home appraisals for divorce, insurance, estate planning or in the event you inherit an estate and need to sell all the items inside.

Get a thorough, detailed, and professional report offering Fair Market Value (FMV) of your business assets today. Click to call for a free quote.

If you are unsure how much to offer for a business acquisition, let an Professional compliance appraiser determine the Fair Market Value of each item on the inventory list for the business you plan to buy. At Ruftop our resources and network of professionals will provide you with the most current and fair value even for rare and proprietary items.

Yes, Ruftop Estate Sales LLC can provide you with an unbiased appraisal report to help you insure your assets in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as hurricane damage, flooding, fire, or incidental accident. 

Yes, Ruftop Estate Sales LLC can help in liquidating the business to help ease the stress and emotion when it’s time to close out a business.

Yes, Ruftop Estate Sales LLC will work with your Lawyer to help provide a smooth transition with the required report that is need.

Ruftop Estate Sales LLC network that can reach out to over 250-mile radius and has built relationships with others that will help with this process of liquidating your business to meet your time frame.