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Estate Sales & Appraisals

Accredited Appraisals, Estate Sales Management

If you are searching for an Professional compliance appraiser or estate sale company to take care of your property value needs, you’ve found the right place! We offer a full service estate sale package from appraisal, sales, donation and removal. Just need personal property valued? We do that as well! We provide the inventory report for you and back it up to the cloud for safe keeping.

Estate Sale Companies Can Help

When it comes to estate sales, sometimes it’s just too much for your family to handle all at once; especially in the event of a sudden passing. That is why estate sale companies like Ruftop are here! Let us take care of everything for your estate sale while you take care of your family!


Personal Property Valuation

Are you searching for an e-valuation or online value calculator for your personal property? Whether you need it for divorce, insurance, sell of a business or estate planning make sure to protect yourself and get the most for your belongings by hiring an experienced, accredited, and insured Professional compliance appraiser. If you need rare item appraisals, antique appraisals and other personal property valuables appraised, call us for a free quote!


Appraisal Company

We can appraise anything from a single item to an entire mansion full of antiques. Feel confident in knowing how much your items are worth in the event you need to sell, insure, liquidate or divide. We give you the required report needed in the event your personal property is damaged by natural disaster, fire, etc. That report is backed up to the cloud if it gets lost with the rest of your property. Reports are prepared by our experienced Professional compliance appraiser of over 35 years. She is accredited by The American Society of Appraisers and the International Society of Appraisers.


Why hire an accredited appraisal company?

Whether you’re downsizing a home, looking to sell some of your items due to a change in life circumstance, such as a divorce, or you’ve inherited a house and a large volume of items due to a death in the family, Ruftop Estate Sales is here to help. How? Because you are going to need a detailed inventory of your personal property and the value of each item on that list. If you are unsure how to place value on the items you have owned for a while or newly inherited, reassure yourself by hiring an expert. You may have inherited a valuable or antique you are unaware of. With our experience, we can make sure you get the most value for your belongings when it comes to selling, insuring, dividing or even donating.

We also offer professional personal property appraisal services, to aid in insurance claims and to ensure that you have the coverage that you need, should disaster strike your home. We have a team of highly-qualified Professional compliance appraisers with decades of experience in the area, so you can trust us to take great care of you, and provide you with realistic estimates.

Not sure if you need our services? Need more details about what we do? Have questions about our rates? If so, we encourage you to get in touch. We’re always happy to answer any questions our customers have about our services – and explain how estate sales work, basics about legal and tax implications, and other such topics.

Benefits of Working With Ruftop

Our team has decades of combined experience in the field and has performed estate sales and appraisals of all sizes – from single rooms of just a few items, to enormous, multi-day sales which require more complex strategies and organization.

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