Estate Assessment of personal property. We will create an itemized report on the contents, containing the following information. The report can be used for insurance for personal property, donations for tax purposes, or estate will:

  • Inventory all items that are to be accounted for the estate.
  • Provide approximate listed value of the item

             -Fair Market Value

             -Demographic Value (if sold in a estate sale)

  •  Identification of the item (i.e. McCoy, Craftsman, Rolex)
  • Rank the items condition (i.e. used, mint, cracked, new) 

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Website/Internet Sales (non-Estate Sale contract):

  • Pictures of items are taken and inventoried (which stay at the location)
  • Items are identify and provided with a detailed description.
  • Items will be ranked by condition (i.e. used, mint, cracked, new)
  • Items will be research for fair market value
  • Items can be linked to eBay auction 

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Let Ruftop Estate Sales get the task done for you!!

Ruftop offers several different packages in order to best fulfill your individual estate needs.  Please contact us for rate information and to arrange a meeting to determine which package would work best for you.



Estate Sale Liquidationsof personal property:

  • Advertise the sale items in the local newspaper, with flyers, and on the company website
  • Look carefully for valuable items to include in the sale
  • Research unusual items to determine their value
  • Mark all the sale items to sell at the highest possible price
  • Set up tables and jewelry cases for display of the items to be sold
  • Arrange the sale items attractively to stimulate buyers
  • Put up signs to attract passers-by to the sale
  • Conduct the sale, negotiating with buyers when necessary

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Estate Sale Set-up (Conducted by Owner, Estate Rep, etc) :

 Ruftop Crew

  • Assist or setup the sell           
  • Coach the Estate Rep on the best way to run a profitable sale.
  • Price all items for the sale or provide a price list to the owner to the price the items
  •  Provide Professional Estate Sale signs  to attract buyers to the sale
  • Advertise the sale items on Ruftop Facebook Page and Estate Sales website (Local, State, and National)

 The Estate Rep or Owner of the home

  • Conduct the sale and negotiate with buyers
  • Place ad in local paper and post flyers
  • Arrange for pick of unsold items

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